Corporation Services

As a licensed CPA/CMA and practitioners authorized to represent you in Canada including all provinces  we prepare your corporate income tax return (Federal and province/state) on the basis of time at our lowest charge rates. Because each corporate situation is different, there is no accurate way to estimating charges for corporate tax services, but we will try our best to offer you the best and lowest rates.

For a typical owner managed a Canadian corporation, assuming that the corporation provides us with bookkeeping data and all required documents, the average fees for Corporation income tax return (T2 filing) services start $699 CDN including the following services:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Filing of corporate federal T2 tax return and attachments
  • Filing of a provincial tax return and attachments
  • Preparation of associated T4/T4A/T5 filings
  • Coordination with individual share holder filings
  • Coordination with U.S. filings (if applicable)

Please note that our Special Discount Simple Engagement – the “T2 Return Only” services.

If you have a start up corporation that you have funded entirely yourself (IE: no bank financing or other arms length loans) and you have an experienced bookkeeper providing you with the monthly and annual financial statements you need, we can provide a “T2 Return Only” service whereby we simply prepare and file your Federal and Ontario corporate tax return.  Consider it a simple statutory compliance service.

In order for us to provide a T2 Return Only service for a corporation they must have an impeccable set of accounting records prepared in a professional bookkeeping program such as QuickBooks or Simply Accounting.  In addition, all accounts need to be reconciled because we cannot prepare any year-end accounting adjustments.

We do not provide T2 Return Only services for corporations with outstanding loans, investment accounts, significant tax liabilities or challenges, or for those corporations who require additional advisory services.

For U.S. registered C corporation, the average service fees start $799 CDN, to cover following United States corporate tax return services:

  • Preparation of federal 1120 tax return
  • Preparation of state corporate tax return
  • Elections and treaty considerations and filings

Your satisfaction is guaranteed in addition to our lowest service fee offering. Our corporate tax return service extends to complimentary follow-up with the CRA – Revenue Canada Agency and/or IRS – Internal Revenue Service (U.S. Federal) in the event of a query of any return which we have prepared.