Canadian Receiving Rental Income From U.S. Real Property

Foreign Property Owner’s Tax Return Responsibility During Ownership and Rental of Real Property Interest

First the Canadian owner of US Real Property needs to determine whether the rental income will be taxed as investment income through withholding, or on a net income basis as “ effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business,” without withholding (although the owner may have to file estimated tax returns).  Rental income from real property located in the United States Read more

Canadian Residents for U.S. Income Tax Return


What are the basic requirements for U.S. income tax return for Canadian residents (non-residents of U.S.) who conduct business in the U.S., such as providing self employed personal services or have a rental income in the U.S. ?

As a U.S. non-residents who are taxable in the U.S. on their U.S. source income must file form 1040 NR by June 15 each year for the prior calendar year. Married residents of Canada may claim exemptions for a spouse and dependent children who lived with them. Although Read more