Tax Return Checklist

Personal Income Tax Return Checklist

General Information We Need:

  • Last Years Notice of Assessment
  • Tax Installments Paid
  • Changes in Personal Information such as your home address, marital status including Common Law. Note that you are considered common law if you have been living and having a relationship with another person for a period of at least 12 months.
  • Dependants


  • T3 – Tusts, Mutual Funds
  • T4 – Employment Income
  • T4A(P) – CPP/QPP Income
  • T4A(OAS) – Old Age Security
  • T4A – Other Pensions/Income
  • T4RSP – RRSP Withdrawals
  • T4RIF – RRIF Withdrawals
  • T4E – Employment Insurance
  • T5 – Interest/Dividends
  • T5007 – Social Assistance/WCB
  • T5008 – Statement of Sale of Capital Property
  • T5013 – Statement of Partnership Income(Loss)
  • T600 – CSB’s Redeemed
  • Alimony/Child Support Received
  • Stock Option Details
  • Other Investments/Interest not included in above slips

Self Employment/Business

  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Capital Expenditures
  • See Below for Office in Home and Automobile expense

Capital Gains

  • Sale – Price, Date, number of units sold, and selling costs
  • Purchase – Price, Date, and Number of units purchased.
  • Stock split and/or dividend reinvestment information on all shares sold if not considered in the purchase price

Rental Properties

  • Revenue and Expenses
  • Purchase/Sale legal documents, if in current tax yearSee separate checklist for additional detail.


  • RRSP receipts including Venture Capital Fund Forms, if applicable
  • Union/Membership dues
  • Safety Deposit Box Rental
  • Child Care: Receipts should contain:
    • Name of child
    • Name and address of caregiver
    • SIN of caregiver
    • Number of weeks at camp
  • Moving Expenses: If you moved more than 40 km closer to you work
  • Alimony paid. – a receipt is a good idea.
  • Child support paid whether deductible or not, including recipient’s name and SIN
  • Accounting and legal Fees
  • Investment loan interest

Employment/Commission Expenses

  • T2200- Conditions of employment from each employer
  • Travel
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Conferences
  • Supplies
  • Professional Development Courses
  • Cellular Phone
  • See Below for Office in Home and Automobile expenses


  • km driven for business/employment
  • Total km driven in year
  • Gas
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Licensing Fees
  • Lease payments with contract (for new leases only)
  • Loan interest/terms
  • Purchase/sale documents
  • Parking
  • Car allowance received (please let us know if it is included in your T4)

Office in Home

  • Mortgage interest or rent paid
  • Property Taxes
  • Utilities (heat, hydro water)
  • Telephone – the first line is considered personal
  • Internet
  • Office repairs/maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Percentage of home used for business

Tax Credits

  • T2202 (Tuition and education amounts)
  • Charitable donation receipts
  • Medical receipts – consider asking your doctors and pharmacies for annual statements rather than accumulating individual receipts.
  • Canadian Student Loan Interest Paid
  • Final Property Tax bill/total rent paid in year
  • Bus pass – receipts or passes


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