Financial Management Consulting Services for start-up business, investment, sell business and real properties, income taxes, accounting, planning, assurance, engagement review and auditing.

Start-up Business Consulting

Thinking about starting your own business? At AccXpert, we can help turn your visions into a reality. Our CPAs offers a variety of services and techniques that will help you determine the specific needs of your business. Because not every business is the same, we provide unique consultation to each client, enhancing the chances for success.

Engagement Review or Auditing Services

Your business financial statements often require an engagement review or audit for assurance, which include:

  1. Examination of your company’s financial statements’ adherence to generally accepted auditing standards
  2. Examination of internal controls
  3. Complete, substantial testing of the information underlying your financial statements
  4. Documentation of our opinion as to whether the statements are fairly presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles

Whether your business needs full services or just a limited examination, an engagement review or auditing can be a valuable tool for assuring your business’ goals are met.  Let AccXpert work with you to discover unseen business opportunities as well as target problematic areas.

Business Valuation Services

ESOPs, litigation support, mergers and acquisitions, divorce settlements, buy-sell agreements… In cases like these, you need to know what your business is worth. We’re here to guide you through what can sometimes be a difficult process, with a comprehensive analysis that will help you make informed decisions.

Business Plans

In today’s highly competitive society, formal business planning is an important element in achieving business success. A well-written business plan serves to clearly explain the direction, vision, and planning of a business. The plan also serves as the primary communication tool for gaining finances.  Our staff has the skill set to prepare a business plan detailing your business’ distinct needs.

Exit Strategy Consulting

It is critical for every business to have an exit strategy. At AccXpert Certified Management Accountants, we provide business owners with the support needed during this important stage of business operations. Whether the business is to be sold, management is being passed on, or the business has come to a complete end, AccXpert has the skills and resources needed to assist with the transition.

Estate Tax Planning

AccXpert Certified Professional Accountants provide protection for the future generations of our clients’ wealth through a variety of estate planning, wealth management and trust services.

 CRA or IRS Representation

AccXpert can help you solve your CRA or IRS problems. Through direct negotiation on your behalf, our clients will receive:

  • CRA or IRS Audit Assistance
  • Debt Settlement
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Negotiating Payment Plans

Retirement Plan Selection

Having the right retirement plan is critical to businesses of all sizes.  AccXpert will guide you through the tough decision-making process of retirement planning, which will guarantee you and your employees the secure retirement you’ve earned.

Cash Flow Analysis and Improvement

Keeping track of the cash inflow and outflow is essential to every business.  AccXpert Certified Management Accountants will examine the components of your business that affect cash flow as well as provide the basis for cash flow management.  With our assistance, you will be able to more easily identify cash flow problems and find ways to improve it.

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