Avoid CRA audit for personal income tax return


– Top Audit Triggers and what you can do to avoid the attention of CRA

Here are a few of the tips you will receive:

  • Not taking a second look at your return can lead to problems
  • Timing is everything
  • Making too much money could be a bad thing
  • Consistency is a good thing
  • and more!

You may be aware of some of these tips, but if there’s just one that you weren’t aware of it could just be the one that keeps CRA off your back.

You’ll also learn that even if you do everything right when it comes to filing your taxes and obeying CRA’s rules, sometimes your associations, good and bad, will get CRA’s attention.

This is where careful planning comes into play.

This review includes:

  • Your past returns
  • Notices of Assessment
  • Your existing business structure
  • Your personal and family tax situations

As a tax specialist providing small business accounting services and business consulting, we can negotiate with CRA on your behalf to ensure any past discrepancies are dealt with and you come to a resolution that you can live with.

Let AccXpert Measure Your Business Situation and Cut Your Taxes!

Find out about our Audit Protection and how AccXpert can benefit you and your business.

Call 1-613-600-6988 or email taxservices@accxpert.ca to start a conversation.

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